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A post on not posting

I haven’t posted anything to this site aside from the initial introductory post directing future posts and a post declaring African Americans should relax.

For the longest time I argued with myself as to what was appropriate, then eventually I got lazy. Now I’ve resorted to blatantly posting about how I don’t know what to post about, but thus have found something to post about and am now posting it..post…. A few minutes ago I thought of something profound to say here, now it’s on the edge of my mind and I can’t bring it to jump to the fingertips so I’ll just write something profound I meant to write to myself in hopes of later passing it off as some of the utter genius I shit out daily. I was thinking about how we don’t have enough time in the world to express our every intricacies or fully explain our individual paths that lead to the comprehension of each other’s words and actions. We resort to a few thought out sentences or blog posts to encapsulate how we feel today. Then I laughed in my burgundy leather chair with my old wooden pipe in hand as I realized that’s a high-brow way of saying “never judge a book by its cover” or the pre-colonial US version, “not until you’ve walked a thousand miles in a man’s moccasins can you imagine the smell.” Which isn’t really what I meant but still links to the idea that words are flawed.

And we express ourselves in words. I guess that’s why I like them so much. The difference in a written message can be heard, or seen I guess, in the small addition of a tail to the period. For the reader to get a fair look at what we’re trying to say, we’ve got all these rules agreed upon; I don’t know how to use a semicolon. Though I heard it’s not too hard; nothing’s too hard. Except for properly using these stabby things- what are they called? Hyphens. So we practice them daily, or regularly, so that we can write that sentence where nothing is gratuitous.Where every letter’s shape and white space between dotted I’s is meant to give a message deeper than the most succinct paraphrasing by the eventual cliffnotes dilettante. Similarly, we listen, emulate, and take up other’s vocal patterns. So that when the time comes we’ll have the right words. Said in the right way. That will be just enough to let the person on the the receiving end of a phone or standing with one foot out the door and the other turning away from you, ¬†know just how much they mean to you, or enough to get them to turn back, and hang on. Language is fun.

Now I remember what I wanted to say. It was just a remark at how fitting it is for the blog I wanted to use to post about my ideas and plans is void from any. Except for the Nicolas Cage Collection, this is something the people need, and a good plan. I have had plans in mind but have never posted them, much as how I’ve never gotten them to be real. This blog is a good reflection then, I suppose, of the progress I’ve made towards them so far. That’s a depressing thought to close on though, so I’ll say this: I’m going to post what my plans are tomorrow, even if they change suddenly few seconds post-posting on posting a post in the future about plans I have.