The Rationality of Irrationality

It is a common error to confuse spirituality with religion.  The bill of rights and declaration of independence clearly differentiate between the spiritual and religious.  The US government is forbidden to establish any religion, lest it impair the freedom of the people; yet these same documents presume that governments authority derives essentially from spiritual principles.

In fact the founders of the worlds great religions would be shocked at the profoundly unspiritual deeds wrought in their names throughout history-much that would make a heathen shudder.  Force always distorts truth for it sown self serving purpose.  Over time, the spiritual principle upon which religions are based become distorted for expedient ends, such as power, money, and otherworldliness.  Whereas that which is spiritual is tolerant, religiosity is commonly intolerant; the former leads to peace_the latter to strife, blood-shed, and pious criminality.  There remains, however, buried within every religion, the spiritual foundation from which it originated.  Like religions, entire cultures are weakened when the principles upon which they are based are obscured or contaminated by false interpretation.

Force often relies on rhetoric, propaganda, and specious argument to garner support and disguise underlying motivations. One characteristic of truth, though, is that it needs no defense, it is self -evident.  That “all men are created equal” requires no justification or rhetorical persuasion.  That it is wrong to gas people to death in concentration camps is self-evident; it requires no argument.  The principles upon which true power is based do not require vindication, as force invariably does_there are always endless arguments as to whether force is justified or not.

Many political systems and social movements begin with truth, but as time goes on, they become co-opted by self-seekers and end up relying increasingly on force until they finally fall in disgrace.  The initial appeal to communism was idealistic humanitarianism, as was that of the union movement in the US, until it became a refuge for petty politicians.

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