The Plan

The plan I’ve had since graduation has changed a couple of times. 

It may have started as simply wanting to travel, or see other parts of the world. The world itself is probably one of the greatest teachers out there, probably better than libraries stocked with books and ladders to reach them. I stopped myself from doing that because I felt I needed more of a mission than the belittled “travel” idea. After that I think it changed to learning massage therapy in Thailand. Mainly because I think it’d be really cool to go to Thailand and I could also fulfill my long-held dream of sitting in silence alongside bald headed Buddhists in a monastery. After working for some time to earn money for that trip the idea changed once again as that trip felt a bit shallow and unsatisfying before even embarking on it. I didn’t want what I did to be perceived as a “vacation” from whatever norm my life follows but rather part of what I want my life to be. So after talking with a friend who feels somewhat similarly, being scheduled to graduate from his university in July, I drew up the current plan. On which I’ve been sitting for some time now.

My friend, Nick, is planning to bike his way from London to Singapore. I told him I’d be interested in joining him. This is the kind of trip I’d been hoping for. I’m not necessarily a fan of bicycles, I’d have preferred the idea of walking the distance, but a bike will be more practical for covering such long distances. I think it’s a natural desire in all of us to do something of this sort. I mean, Che Guevara famously did his tour of South America, and even my International Finance professor went on his own journey across the US via greyhound buses. Of course, Forrest Gump did his own run too and everyone made a big deal of that. Che wanted to see or study the situation people faced across Latin America, or  something of that sort was his justification post trip. My prof just wanted some time to think and see this country which he only knew part of, while bothering his friends to give him a place to stay- this was also the time he took to decide whether to go to the corporate world or stay in academia. And Forrest, well, he was retarded he didn’t have a reason and that baffled people into drawing their own conclusions and even following him. Which kinda says something about people wanting to believe in something, even if it isn’t founded upon anything earth-shattering in the first place.

Anyhoo, the plan is to bike across Europe, at the very least. There are issues with crossing the Middle East which keep me from joining Nick all the way to Singapore. Not to mention the possibility of reaching Southeast Asia in their monsoon season and being screwed either way. He plans to leave in early August, and hasn’t given me a path which to put a schedule on for our trip. We plan to camp and use cheap hostels or couch surf our way through. This also involves learning a bit of survival and a lot of bicycle repair. I wasn’t satisfied with just going on a trip without creating anything from it, though I should be ready to go on the trip for the mere sake of it. So, I plan on vlogging/blogging about our progress and raising money for a food distribution related cause. Probably the World Food Programme, but that’s not decided yet. Neither is the rest of the trip. I have no ticket bought and no logistics planned, yet this is the plan. 

Post-trip, assuming I feel as I do now, I will return to take the GRE and apply to grad schools. While gearing my career to working with a humanitarian or non-governmental organization. For now though, I need to raise money for this trip and for the food distribution related cause. 

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